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What is Zestetik?

Zestetik lists aesthetic medicine specialists, enabling potential patients to book appointments online and their mobile. Book an appointment with one of our 6,000 doctors in our directory

Who found Zestetik?

Zestetik is completely independant, we gather a lot of practitioners. Our team come from the Internet and medical aesthetic.

Can I use Zestetik to find any doctors?

Non pas encore. Nous avons de nombreux médecins membres en France, en Suisse et en Belgique et chaque jour de nouveaux médecins s’inscrivent.

Not yet, but we are working hard to enlist all aesthetic practitioners. Curently we have more than 6,000 specialists in France, Belgium, Luxembourd and Switzerland.

Is Zestetik free for patients ?

Booking appointments with us is 100 percent free for patients! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the care you need.
Please note that our services are completely separate from any costs you may have associated with visiting your practitioner. If you're not sure how much a doctor visit will cost, we encourage you to check with your healthcare provider or your insurance company./p>

How do we make money?

Physicians who partner with Zestetik pay a subscription fee. We help doctors increase the efficiency of their practices, fill their last-minute cancellations, and provide prompt medical care to patients.

How to book an appointment on Zestetik?

You can search a physician by location, by speciality. Zestetik lists doctors matching your needs. For each doctors you can check available hours and book an appointment.

How to know if my appointment is confirmed?

Once your appointment has been made on our website, we send to the physician your email with your phone number.


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