A first glance, a smile. The eyes call out, the smile talks. In order to be seductive, a person must know how to arouse desire. Attraction is kindled by beauty, sparkle, radiance, smell.


Bad dental hygiene causes halitosis, which puts people off kissing the inflicted person. A look does not have the same meaning when it is not accompanied by a smile. Our body language translates our emotions. A smile is the reflection of a positive or negative feeling, a means of communication. It is dependent on our past experience, our personality. It is the result of muscles tensing, mainly those on the two corners of the mouth, but also around the eyes, which causes the mouth to open and displays the teeth. An attractive smile is made up of a nice mouth, nice lips and nice teeth, and should be highly expressive. When we talk about the aesthetics of a smile, we cannot forget that the mouth is its main component and plays an integral role in our sexuality: a place for receiving pleasure and a means of giving pleasure. In psychoanalysis, we talk about the oral stage. This is where all emotions, all exchanges, happen. The mouth expresses our innermost thoughts and feelings from a very early age.

What do we mean by a sensual or sexy mouth?

The lips frame the mouth, muscles move them and teeth support them. The teeth light up the mouth and their white colour contrasts with the pink of the lips. They are like jewels hidden inside the mouth’s treasure chest.

What role do teeth play in seduction?

The teeth decorate the mouth, their shape has a language, they dazzle thanks to their shine. Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry enables us to perform miracles, to transform smiles by fitting veneers or crowns. The teeth thus become whiter, straighter, and their shape and volume match the face. We rejuvenate the smile, make it more dazzling, more sensual.

Shine = sensuality

The teeth can express femininity or masculinity, gentleness or strength, force or fragility, and should always be a sign of good health. A dental surgeon will erase any sad expressions and signs of shyness, leaving behind a dazzling smile that reflects joy and strength. The colour of these new teeth should match the white of the eye. There is an inseparable correlation between a look and a smile.

Symbolic language

The shape of a patient’s teeth is determined by their sex, their age and the image that they want to transmit. Volumes are synonymous with femininity and gentleness. Round teeth are voluptuous and sensual compared with flat teeth, which are more masculine. Large teeth suggest a great sexual appetite. This is the symbolic language of the teeth. The whiter, straighter and larger the teeth, the richer, younger and more powerful the person seems. It is the key to a new life, maybe even a step up the social ladder, a new start. It is a means of portraying youth, radiance and beauty, health and sensuality.

Let us not forget that the mouth is a mirror of the man.

About Dr Isabelle-Sabine Schwartz

Dental surgeon, former assistant at the Universities (Paris 7), Certificate of Specialist Studies in Anthropology, thesis « De la beauté du visage, de la beauté de la denture » (Beauty of the face, beauty of the teeth), training in peridontology, diploma in Surgical and Prosthetic Implantology, former expert for the Paris Court of Appeals.