Everybody wants perfect buttocks, less cellulite and a slim figure. Let’s make a few suggestions…

LPG: New“Cellulite”

Lipomassage Intégral 2New “Cellulite” treatment zone. Cellulite is resistant but not against this very specific treatment. In 15 minutes, the Cellu M6 treatment head rotations soften the fatty tissues, eliminate excess skin and boost the circulation to improve the orange peel effect. Combined with the application of LPG’s Anti-cellulite complex, your session will erase the orange peel effect and reduce fat deposits.




slendertone-bottomFor sculpted buttocks. These electrostimulation
shorts firm and shape your buttocks in 4 weeks through 4 progressive toning programs and 99 intensity levels. They tone the three gluteal muscles, remove saddlebags and enhance the upper curve.







GMP 414: La Gym Métabolique Passive

New generation sauna. The heat in this device, at 45 to 55 degrees (compared to 80 in a sauna), penetrates and heats your body up to 50 mm under the surface. To stay cool your body draws directly from the fat, while the device’s vibration waves dislodge fat cells. One way to burn
800 calories quickly and effortlessly.





VENUS CONCEPT: Venus Legacy for anti-aging and slimming 


Venus Legacy for anti-ageing and slimming. This new machine uses 4 technologies: Multipolar radiofrequency to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite, pulsed electromagnetic fields to trigger neo-angiogenesis, Varipulse based on the principle of sequential
tissue suction and real-time thermal feedback with a built-in thermometer.
The result: a firming + slimming action.




What is cristal cryolipolysis?

cristal détourée

This technology is based on the fact that adypocytes (fat) cells are more sensible
to cold. Indeed, at a very low temperature fat cells will die and the human body will eliminate them in a smooth and natural way. CRISTALTM is a medical technology able to suck up and cool at a very low temperature the body part you want to treat without damaging the skin surrounding tissues. During the treatment the 8 control sensors will optimize the parameter and will guarantee a safe treatment. CRISTAL technology is made for you if you are looking for an efficient body contouring treatment or if you want to remove a small unwanted fat fold. This new generation of cryolipolysis uses high technology issue from the aerospace industry to guarantee safe and amazing results.


Vela III HRVela shape III. Syneron-Candela is now extending its Vela range and has brought out the VelaShape IIITM for the non-invasive treatment of cellulite and for slimming the figure. VelaShape uses patented elosTM technology combining four treatment principles: infrared light, bipolar radiofrequency, mechanic rollers and a suction system to reduce volume and the appearance of fat tissues.