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This is an unusual question, since most of my patients tend to ask, “Doctor, how can I lose weight?” Wanting to lose weight when the number on the scales starts creeping upwards is a good thing. But, as an expert in nutrition and preventative medicine, I would like to address the preventative aspect because, before we try to lose weight, we must first learn how
to avoid putting on weight.

It is too simplistic to say that in order to avoid gaining weight, we should just eat less. There are many different reasons, some involuntary, that make us put on weight: professional or per- sonal problems, a radical change in lifestyle, the menopause in women and andropause in men (if these hormonal imbalances are not treated).

In order to avoid falling into the trap of excess weight, here I give you the keys to a healthy diet which will keep you slim, whatever happens in your life.

Here are my “ten commandments”, which should be followed by the letter to avoid weight gain.

Rule 1: daily weigh-ins

Weigh yourself every morning before you have anything to eat or drink, to ensure that one or two kilos have not surreptitiously snuck into your body. I always say “that extra kilo is a kilo to be lost!” People who weigh themselves every morning rarely have weight problems because they react to any changes immediately.

Rule 2: the mirror test

Before you get dressed, take a good look at yourself in the mirror: judge your body objectively, as if it were someone else’s. Women will focus on their cellulite or thighs, men on their belly or “love handles”. Cellulite can be erased with the help of low doses of testosterone. Yes, this sexual hormone, which is domi- nant in men, can get rid of cellulite and saddlebags in women in just a few months. You just need to find the right specialist.

Rule 3: look through your photo albums

If the mirror test is not enough, take a look through your pho- to albums and find photos that date back a few years. That young, svelte person was really you! Etch that positive image of a healthy body in your mind and keep the photo on your desk or in your handbag.

Rule 4: Have a good breakfast

Never start the day by gulping down a cup of hot coffee or tea, as they are likely to cause stomach spasms. First drink a glass of water then eat a portion of protein (ham, chicken breast, egg, cheese, etc.) with a slice of wholemeal bread. Finish with a piece of fruit, a coffee, tea or herbal tea.

Rule 5: Do not skip lunch

Even if you are short on time, take at least 20 minutes over your lunch (the time your brain needs to realise it is full). If you skip this meal, your body will get its own back: at the following meal it will store more calories, in case it is deprived of another meal.

Rule 6: Have an afternoon snack

Take a trip back to your childhood and enjoy a balanced afternoon snack: a dark chocolate protein bar with a freshly- squeezed vegetable juice is ideal.

Rule 7: Get Moving!

There is no point in signing up to a gym if you are not going to go regularly. Instead, make a habit of taking a brisk walk every day, and climb the stairs instead of taking the lift: start by climbing up one floor, then gradually increase to three or four floors

Rule 8: Have a light dinner

Homemade vegetable soup, a portion of white meat or fish, or even a mixed salad, is a perfectly sufficient meal to keep you going until breakfast. A lighter meal will also help you to sleep better.

Rule 9: An 18-hour diet to counter any excesses

After a series of rich meals with your family or friends, or to counteract a binging session, don’t stress, just follow the 18 hour diet: drink plenty of water, herbal tea and fresh vege- table juice… and nothing else!

Rule 10: Sleep as long as your body needs

If you need nine hours of shut-eye in order to be able to func- tion properly, then this is how long you should let yourself sleep. And beware of “blue” screens (computers, tablets, and mobile phones), as the blue light they emit prevents your body from producing melatonin, the sleep hormone. Numerous stu- dies have shown that people who sleep badly are more prone to gaining weight.
So, as you can see, it is not hard to avoid gaining weight: all you have to do is follow these ten basic rules!

Vous voyez, ce n’est pas très difficile de ne pas grossir : il suffit de respecter ces 10 règles de base, ne les oubliez jamais !

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