Female sexuality is an alchemy, like a symphony of string and brass, whose last movement is an apotheosis. There must be complete harmony between mind and body; every element that comes into play must fit in perfectly with the one that came previously and the one that follows.

We often say that testosterone is the sex hormone and we therefore tend to think it is the only one, but this is not the case. It is a booster, especially after the menopause, but many other hormones also have an important role to play. Testosterone is one of the cogs, but the least subtle one.


Pheromones, small molecules similar to hormones, are responsible for the attraction between men and women. They act on our animal brain, our primitive brain, and we might say that thanks to them we are attracted or repelled by a person. They are produced by our secretions and (friendly!) bacteria.

Pheromones start by ensuring that newborns feel a strong attraction to their mother. It is unconscious but formidable. They act like magnets which attract or repel… This is the primary attraction; real hormones back them up in a second wave, but only when the pheromones have given their permission!

They act extremely quickly. Our sense of smell is the only one of our five senses, the most archaic and effective, that is directly linked to our brain: impressive!

Nothing involved with sex can happen without pheromones.

The incredible love hormones

– DHEA is a fortifying and omnipresent reservoir of hormones, the father and mother of testosterone, with a high secretion during our youth that rapidly decreases in later years.

– Oestrogens are very powerful, mistress hormones, for aggressive seduction, friends of neurotransmitters that flaunt femininity.

– Testosterone speeds things up; it behaves a bit like a man, with a kind of aggressiveness blended with seduction, no time for foreplay, but time for action!

– If testosterone is like gun powder, oestrogens are the fuse that lights it!

– Androstenedione is the hormone of insolence, at the top of its game in our youth but disappearing along with the ovaries after the menopause.

– Progesterone provides tranquillity; it is a sister to oestrogens, bringing temperance and fighting stress, like a shot of natural Valium, bringing a sense of calm during the storm!

– Oxytocin responds to the attachment between two human beings; it is produced from birth, when a mother brings her baby into the world, to create a strong link between mother and baby. But it stays around for the rest of our life and is secreted when two people caress each other, for example.

It likes relaxation, calm, tenderness.

A surprising fact: When we give oxytocin to obese people, they lose weight quickly, up to 17kg per year! All you need is love!

This festival of hormones is required in order for the “feast” to be complete.

The spice of life does not come from just anywhere. Bon appétit!

Degree in acupuncture, mesotherapy, Eriksonian hypnotherapy. Speaker at international conferences, course leader at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. Scientific director of congresses. President of the WOSIAM (World Society for Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine). President of the European Federation for Active Aging. Member of the International Hair Research Society.

Books: Anti-Aging : the guide. Les traitements anti-âge (Anti-aging treatments). Peau et anti-âge (Skin and anti-aging).